Bridges and Structures

Bridges and Structures

At Quigg Engineering Inc., our structural and hydraulic engineers work with our clients to identify and understand their project constraints, goals, budgets, and time frames. Our staff will strive to understand and work towards your project requirements. Our structural engineers have extensive experience with the design and inspection of highway, railroad, pedestrian and utility structures as well as other structure types.

Structural Design Capabilities

Additional capabilities of our structural engineers include performing bridge inspections and rating services. Our bridge inspections are conducted by NBIS trained personnel and can be conducted on typical bridges or major river bridges. Bridge load ratings can be completed on most structure types using ASD, LFD, LRFD, Special Design Vehicle, Legal Loads, and Permit Loads.

We currently have 4 licensed SE’s on our team.

Our Services

We provide the following structural services:

  • Bridge Planning & Design
    • Interstate Highways
    • Local Roads
    • Railroads
    • Pedestrian Structures
    • Grade Separations
    • Waterway Crossings
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Soil Retention System Design (Temporary/Permanent)
  • Box Culverts & Drainage Structures
  • NBIS Bridge Inspections
  • Pump Stations
  • Traffic Structures, Light Standards, Signals & Overhead Signs
  • Low Rise Building Design
  • Foundation Design for Signs, Tanks, Storage/Mixing Bins
  • Storm Water Hydraulic Analysis
  • Inlet & Storm Sewer
  • Hydraulic Design of Bridge Structures

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