Mohammed Saleem

Mohammed Saleem, PE, SE

President & CEO

Mr. Saleem has over 24 years of experience in numerous high-profile roadway, bridge, and infrastructure engineering projects.

Lori Quigg

Lori L. Quigg, PE

Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Ms. Quigg has over 25 years of experience in the transportation and construction industry. She oversees all aspects of the firm, including Administration, Operations and Business Development.

Meraj Samina Saleem

Meraj Samina Saleem

Executive Vice President of Administration and Marketing

Ms. Saleem has oversight and decision making of all Quigg Engineering activities, including Operations, Program Management, Business Development and Human Resources.  She also has a lead role in Marketing.

Rebecca Stocker

Rebecca L. Stocker

Vice President of Administration

Ms. Stocker oversees all accounting aspects of the firm.

Ross Monk

Ross Monk, PE

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Monk brings over 35 years of transportation engineering experience to QEI. His experience includes both traditional design/bid/build and design-build deliveries.

Todd Welz

Todd Welz, PE

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Welz brings over 30 years of experience specializing in transportation projects involving design and construction of major urban facilities and airports.

Patrick Keefe

Patrick Keefe, PE

VP of Engineering

Mr. Keefe has over 28 years of civil engineering experience where he has worked with several engineering firms throughout his career.

Gina Cason

Gina Cason

HR Director Employee & Client Relations

Ms. Cason has over 20 years of government experience where she has worked with several different departments throughout her career.

Tim Lively

Tim Lively

Director of Business Development

Tim is a seasoned business communications professional with nearly 20 years of experience serving various industry-leading professional services firms.


<small>Francis Nelson, PE</small>

Francis Nelson, PE

Mr. Nelson is a licensed Professional Engineer in seven states with 19 years of civil engineering experience and a variety of project management experience.

<small>Jameel Ahmed, PE</small>

Jameel Ahmed, PE

Mr. Ahmed has over 23 years of experience in civil and structural engineering and surveying, including maintenance-of-traffic, traffic signals, drainage, grading plans, preparation of cost estimates and specifications and construction drawings.

Stephen Kehoe, PE

Stephen Kehoe, PE

Mr. Kehoe brings over 33 years of experience working in both highway & roadway design, as well as project management.


<small>Seth Johnson, PE, PTOE</small>

Seth Johnson, PE, PTOE

Mr. Johnson has extensive professional experience in the areas of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) planning and design, transportation engineering, traffic operations analysis and modeling, traffic data collection, and corridor/safety studies.

Julian Gnatenco

Julian Gnatenco, PE, PTOE

Mr. Gnatenco has 25 years of experience in the field of Civil and Transportation Engineering and he has been involved in all aspects of traffic engineering.

<small>Bridget Barrett, PE, PTOE</small>

Bridget Barrett, PE, PTOE

Ms. Barrett has extensive experience in the areas of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), transportation modeling and planning, and traffic engineering.

Bridges & Structures

<small>Michael Cima, PE, SE</small>

Michael Cima, PE, SE

Mr. Cima has over 26 years of experience in transportation-related structure assessment, plan development, inspection, policy development, and management.

<small>David Booher, PE, SE</small>

David Booher, PE, SE

Mr. Booher brings over 30 years of experience in transportation planning and design, including project management of highway, drainage and bridge projects.

Construction Inspection

Kurt Horton

Kurt Horton, PE

Mr. Horton is a graduate of Iowa State University of Science & Technology where he received his B.S. in Civil Engineering . After his education, Kurt worked his way through being a Civil Associate all...

<small>Herbert Jung, PE</small>

Herbert Jung, PE

Mr. Jung has over 30 years of experience with the Illinois Department of Transportation, including 18 year as the Construction Engineer and nearly 13 years in Materials in multiple capacities.


<small>Dean Bauer, PLS</small>

Dean Bauer, PLS

Mr. Bauer has over 30 years of experience in land surveying and route surveys along with preliminary and final plat preparations, subdivision calculations and design, topographic drafting and design.

<small>William Kenter, PLS</small>

William Kenter, PLS

Mr. Kenter offers 34 years of surveying experience, utilizing his Professional Land Surveyors license to support the work on government, municipal, railroad and private projects throughout the United States.

Environmental Studies & Permitting

Caroline Levenda, CEP, ENV SP

Caroline Levenda, CEP, ENV SP

Ms. Levenda has nearly 20 years of environmental consulting experience in the industry, with a focus on planning and transportation. Caroline serves on the National Association of Environmental Professionals Board and the Illinois AEP board.

Site Development

<small>David Holden</small>

David Holden

Mr. Holden has 27 years of experience working on civil design projects. He is responsible for the general coordination with clients and other design disciplines during the entire design of multiple projects.