Various Traffic Engineering Services, Illinois Tollway

QEI provided various traffic engineering services as a subconsultant to the Tollway Traffic Engineer. In the area of highway safety, QEI assisted in providing the Illinois Tollway with detailed monthly performance measurements, including the impacts of crashes on the system, performing roadway safety assessments, crash analysis, and traffic data collection. Tasks included in the scope of services were:

  • Traffic and planning studies
  • Origin-Destination studies
  • Data Collection: 72-hour traffic volume and classification data at over 230 Tollway selected locations using a combination of Nu-Metric Hi-Stars and Miovision cameras
  • Lane closure guide update
  • Managed Lanes/HOT Lanes Planning Studies
  • Traffic and revenue studies
  • All Electronic Tolling (AET)
  • New facilities and access
  • Toll collection system analysis
  • Tollway facilities widening analysis
  • Traffic impacts from construction projects
  • Tollway extensions continuing support
  • Traffic accident analysis
  • I-PASS support
  • Traffic forecast model
  • MOT reviews
  • Various other traffic-related services as required by the Illinois Tollway

QEI also provided continued support for the implementation of Active Traffic management on I-90, including working with the Traffic Engineer toward the completion of the I-90 Smart Corridor Concept of Operations. This document provides a description of traffic operations for a 62-mile segment of I-90 that the Tollway is reconstructing as a 21st century, state-of-the-art corridor that will incorporate the deployment of Active Traffic Management (ATM). QEI’s tasks on this project included:

  • Color Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) evaluation
  • Support of I-90 Active Traffic Management implementation
  • Fatal crash analysis