Our experienced aviation team has completed numerous aviation projects, which included pavement design, construction inspection, runway repair and more. Our engineers are prepared to fulfill your needs.

Pavement Management Capabilities: Our experience conducting airport pavement management system (APMS) projects includes conducting surveys and analyzing results at over 200 airports.  The goal of any APMS is to provide a safe and operable pavement for the least possible cost.  An effective APMS will provide the owner with sufficient information to assess how to obtain the greatest return for funds expended. The primary component of APMS is the condition survey of the pavement network that identifies visual distresses on the surface by type, quantity, and severity.  Using the results from the condition surveys, maintenance and rehabilitation strategies can be developed using various budget scenarios.  These strategies can assess both the current needs as well as project long-term needs in determining future budgetary requirements.  Specific types of maintenance and rehabilitation work can be recommended based on the types and severities of distresses identified from the condition survey. The goal is to focus more on preventive and timely maintenance when appropriate rather than the more costly reactionary approach to management.

Pavement Evaluation & Design Capabilities: We can perform either network-level or project-level pavement evaluation for projects.  A network-level analysis can aid an agency in prioritizing and budgeting future projects, whereas a project-level analysis can additionally provide specific rehabilitation needs and recommendations. Pavement designs can be developed based on the results from evaluation projects.  Optimum pavement materials and layer thicknesses can be determined using multiple inputs, design methods, and traffic usage that best suits the area under study.

Airport Design Assistant & Construction Inspection/Consultation Capabilities: We are well versed in conducting field surveys and obstruction surveys for design of airport runways, taxiways, ramps, aprons, roadway and parking lot projects.  Along with supporting design activities, we have also performed resident engineering and construction inspections for airport projects.  Duties consisted of daily reporting and documentation of all construction activities, supervision of field staff, and developing and approving pay estimates. We have worked with several governing bodies, FAA, IDOT, Chicago Department of Aviation, Local Municipalities, and the Dept. of the Navy (Great Lakes Training Facility), throughout the design and construction phases of many projects. Construction consultation includes, but is not limited to: pavement mix design reviews (both Portland cement concrete (PCC) and asphalt concrete (AC) pavement types); project quality assurance and quality control programs; review of QC test results;  QA through the use of NDT results; on-site project inspections; and trouble-shooting pavement construction issues.