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About Quigg Engineering Inc

Quigg Engineering Inc., a DBE/MBE engineering consulting firm, was founded by Lori L. Quigg, PE and Rebecca L. Stocker. Since opening our doors in 2006, we have worked with clients to provide professional, quality engineering and consulting services mixed with practical experience and common sense. Our experienced team of technicians, engineers, surveyors, and contractors emphasize technical details, accuracy, and an overall sense of professionalism in any task we undertake.

We currently have 113 employees and 40 licensed professionals who have combined experience in transportation, design, surveying, structures, and special studies. In 2019, QEI merged with AES Services, Inc. (AES), a full-service engineering consulting firm, based in Chicago. The merger with AES moves Mohammed Saleem into the Chief Executive Officer position of Quigg Engineering. The addition of AES’s leadership and personnel adds strength and a wider service line to QEI’s organization.

As an organization, we take a progressive approach to our profession: willing to evolve with the technological advances and recognizing the importance of inter-disciplinary expertise to provide a value-added advantage. Our core strategy is working with our clients as partners, listening to their needs to identify their goals and objectives. We pride ourselves in providing distinguished service to our public and private sector clients, utilizing all our resources and considerable technical expertise of our professional staff for an exemplary project delivery.

Our Services

As experienced engineers and surveyors, we focus on providing quality services to public and private entities. Some of our services include:

Each of our services has been designed to offer you the most comprehensive support and management possible for your project. We work directly with each client to customize each step of a building project, and make sure it takes place entirely smoothly and promptly. When it comes to inspections, we focus on quality and thoroughness. When we oversee environmental studies and permitting, we make sure that no hiccups interrupt either the construction or the planning phases of a project, so that you can move forward promptly.

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For any of our services, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.