Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering

At Quigg Engineering Inc. our transportation engineers work in collaboration with our clients to address their requirements, visions, schedule, and budget while working with local, state, and federal agencies. We always take a practical approach to roadway planning and to provide the best fit solution, given the realities of financial constraints.

Experience That Counts

Quigg can also provide complex Traffic Management Analysis (TMA’s) for its clients, as well as, queuing and cycle time analysis along with roadway geometry and vehicle movement evaluations. These services include:

  • Freeway & Roadway
    • Design of Interstates, multilane highways and local roads
    • Interchange Design
    • Intersection and Round-a-bout design
    • Construction Staging Development & Maintenance of Traffic plans
  • Traffic & Signal Design and Studies
    • New Signal Design, Signal Interconnect, Modernization, & Improvement
    • Traffic Signal Warrants
    • Capacity & Accident Data Studies/Reports
  • Pavements
    • Condition Surveys; Maintenance & Repair Recommendations
    • Pavement Design, Evaluation, & Research
    • Design & Construction Consultation

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